Our Portfolio Companies

Companies built from the ground up based on high impact technologies exclusively licensed from top research institutions around the world.

Now Funding Akeso Biomedical

Akeso Biomedical is an animal performance and food safety company developing new solutions to improve gut health and treat bacterial infections using a broad-spectrum chemistry.

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Now Funding BiologicsMD

BiologicsMD is developing highly targeted, novel human therapeutics for hair loss diseases and conditions, as well as severe bone disorders.

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Now Funding Neurexis Therapeutics

Neurexis Therapeutics is Neuroprotective Innovation for Human Health

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Ascendant Dx

ACQUIRED | Ascendant Dx is a bioscience company whose mission is to commercialize disruptive diagnostic technologies aiding identification and treatment for diseases of women and children.

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ACQUIRED | BlueInGreen (BIG) designs, manufactures and services the most efficient gas dissolution equipment for water and wastewater treatment.

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Calyxo is developing a disruptive solution for kidney stone removal that is faster, easier, and better for patients, clinicians and hospitals.

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CardioWise offers a new approach to cardiac diagnostics – applying machine learning technology to image processing to create transparent, unbiased, clinical evaluation.

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Filtravate was created to commercialize advanced bio-filtration membranes

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Nob Hill Therapeutics

Nob Hill Therapeutics, Inc. commercializes a first-in-kind dry powder nebulizer platform “DryNeb™” for respiratory inhalation drug delivery applications.

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OsteoVantage™ is developing bioelectric stimulation technology that is targeted at transforming spine and orthopedics treatments with its proprietary INDOS™ (Induced Osteogenic Stimulation) technology

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Sevo Nutraceuticals

Industry: Nutraceuticals • Product: Perceptiv® over the counter supplement for brain health • Indications: Cognitive decline, Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia

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SFC Fluidics

SFC Fluidics is a medical device company whose drug delivery platform can dramatically improve therapy compliance in diabetes.

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Solenic Medical

Solenic Medical, Inc. is a medical device company developing an innovative non-invasive treatment for infected metallic implants in the body, reducing the need for additional surgeries.

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Tesseract Structural Innovations

Tesseract Structural Innovations is developing new solutions for vehicle safety through unique structures.

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Vixiar Medical

Vixiar Medical develops non-invasive devices and systems for monitoring cardiopulmonary diseases, particularly those with significant clinical and economic burden.

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Zebra Analytix

Zebra Analytix is focused on creating game-changing analytical solutions spanning diverse, high-impact applications where rapid detection is essential

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