Akeso Biomedical is an animal health performance and food safety company developing new solutions to improve gut health and treat bacterial infections using a broad-spectrum iron complex chemistry (“Fe3C”) discovered by researchers at the University of Nottingham, UK. The company’s pipeline includes feed additives to improve the health of farm animals and reduce the levels of infection by Campylobacter, Salmonella, and E. coli.

The Problem: Each year in the US, it is estimated that there are about 3.2 million cases of foodborne illness due to bacteria. The cost of treating foodborne bacterial infections is estimated to be $9 billion. For example, Campylobacter is a pathogenic bacterium found in all animals. It is the leading source of foodborne disease in humans. New regulations in the US and Europe mandate meat processors to lower their infection rates in farm animals. There are no good means to comply with these new regulations today and there are strong market pressures to move away from adding antibiotics in the animal feeds.

The Solution: Akeso is addressing two market challenges with one product class. It addresses human health through reduction of dangerous pathogens in the food supply and improves production efficiency via improved animal gut health and growth performance. Akeso’s products are non-antibiotic molecules which have broad-based activity against pathogens. In addition, extensive animal trial results have demonstrated improved animal growth rates which lowers production cost. While Akeso’s products are not anabolic growth promoters, the improved gut health of the animals increases feed conversion efficiency and thereby reduces the production cost.

Market Opportunity: Worldwide, over 50 billion chickens are produced each year, with about 9 billion in the US. Animal feed cost is over $75 billion worldwide. Global animal feed additive market is over $19 billion. Akeso’s addressable market is estimated at over $500m for poultry and swine.

Akeso Biomedical

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