Ascendant Dx is a bioscience company whose mission is to commercialize disruptive diagnostic technologies aiding identification and treatment for diseases of women and children.  Our particular focus is on cancer, autoimmune diseases, and serious childhood afflictions. Ascendant’s first product (Melody®) is a simple and highly effective diagnostic to detect early stage breast cancer by detecting specific proteins present in tears. First sales and CE Mark are anticipated in 2020.  Follow-on Melody programs will monitor treatment prognosis and examine recurrence of breast and other cancers.

The Problem: The current gold standard in breast cancer screening is mammography, which has the following disadvantages:

  • Ineffective in women with dense breast tissue
  • High false positive rate and low sensitivity
  • Expensive
  • Inaccessible to patients in low income and rural areas

The Solution: Our tear-based test provides the following advantages:

  • Not limited by tumor size for identification
  • Not limited by tissue type
  • Pain free
  • Highly sensitive and specific
  • Low cost
  • A lab developed test with quick results

Market Opportunity: The initial market focus is on women who have dense breast tissue. After becoming firmly established in the initial market segment, the use of the test can be expanded to other women and at-risk men. Based on a low-end reimbursement rate of $25, the total addressable market in the US is about $3-5 billion and worldwide is $11-17 billion.

Ascendant Dx

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