BlueInGreen (BIG) designs, manufactures and services the most efficient gas dissolution equipment for water and wastewater treatment. BIG has a robust portfolio of US and International patents and patents pending applicable to four product lines and various applications dissolving oxygen, carbon-dioxide, and ozone into liquids.

The Problem:
Dissolving gas into water is a critical element of water treatment processes. However, current approaches are highly inefficient. In mechanical aeration equipment, for example, the predominant technology used to aerate water for more than 50 years consumes tremendous amounts of electricity while requiring large treatment basins and significant infrastructure costs. Investments in wastewater treatment infrastructure have lagged investments in production, which are now creating capacity issues. Also, increased environmental and social awareness is fostering tighter regulations, increasing costs, and creating new sources of risk as companies face community and consumer demands for transparency, responsibility, and social and environmental performance.

The Solution: BIG’s technology dissolves up to 40-times the oxygen into a stable, supersaturated solution compared to mechanical aeration equipment, enabling significantly increased treatment capacity within a given treatment basin with half the energy consumption and one-third the maintenance costs. The company’s side-stream dissolution method eliminates the need to drain existing basins, disturb existing equipment, or otherwise interrupt treatment operations or upstream production. This, in combination with the modular, plug-and-play solution of BIG Aeration Services offers rapid deployment, design flexibility, and ease of future expansion.

Market Opportunity: By 2020, the global aeration market value is expected to exceed $8 billion, a greater than 70% growth rate based on the 2103 research published by Frost & Sullivan. This data is specific to aeration services. Market value of solutions on the periphery to pure aeration (primarily chemical and sludge) expand the market opportunity for BIG solutions to more than $20 billon.


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