CardioWise offers a new approach to cardiac diagnostics – applying machine learning technology to image processing to create transparent, unbiased, clinical evaluation. CardioWise’s SQuEEZTM software provides new diagnostic metrics that provide unprecedented insights to cardiologists and their patients and can save lives and reduce healthcare costs worldwide. The software has been validated in over 200 patients from clinical trials at Johns Hopkins, University of California San Diego, National Institutes of Health/National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, Kings College London, and Emory.  There is a working prototype of cloud-based, SaaS software at all sites.

The Problem: Heart Disease is the leading cause of death.  The key to survival is early detection, timely intervention, and post treatment monitoring. There is presently no single diagnostic imaging test that can deliver quantitative results to assess all three areas of concern, valves, arteries and contractile function; so multiple imaging tests are ordered, delaying interventions, reducing efficiency and increasing healthcare costs.

The Solution: Leveraging patented machine learning (ML) algorithms originally developed at Johns Hopkins University, CardioWise SQuEEZ software accepts cardiac CT imaging data sets in a highly-secure, cloud-based system that provides easy-to-interpret, quantitative images of heart function that can be transmitted to cardiologists and referring physicians. CardioWise’s SQuEEZ is the first ML solution developed that provides caregivers with cardiac CT data analysis in a single set of quantitative images needed to accurately and easily assess all three areas of concern in the heart.  For patients who present with Cardiovascular disease symptoms, the Cardiowise solution will reduce time to diagnosis from 22-24 hours to 3-5 hours while saving $2700 in the overall cost of diagnosis.

Market Opportunity: The cardiac imaging market is over $17 billion in US and growing. There are 1.5 million new cases of cardiovascular disease (CVD) in the US annually and 20 million people living with CVD.  Total costs for CVD are estimated to be $818 billion by 2030. SQuEEZ has been developed thus far for CT imaging for which there are over 11 million cardiac CT tests performed annually and that is growing about 10% annually. CardioWise’s addressable market is estimated at over $900 million by 2020 in the US.


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