Filtravate was formed in 2020 to commercialize advanced bio-filtration membranes for growing unmet needs in the multibillion-dollar biotechnology membrane market. Based on technology exclusively licensed from New Mexico State University, Filtravate is developing next generation membranes to enable continuous bioprocessing in the biomanufacturing and pharmaceutical industries.

The Problem: Membrane fouling is a byproduct of filtration processes where particles are deposited on or in a membrane during filtration. This deposition of particles can both block the pores through the membrane and alter the surface properties of the membrane, both of which degrade the membrane’s performance. Membrane fouling decreases the amount of product that can be filtered and decreases the quality of the final product. In addition to adding significant costs to manufacturing, membrane fouling is a major obstacle to the widespread development of continuous bioprocessing operations in biomanufacturing and pharmaceutical production.

The Solution: Filtravate has a patent-pending process to fabricate membranes that resist membrane fouling and have improved filtration performance. By building the membrane from the ground up using the simplest building blocks, Filtravate’s fabrication technology incorporates superior antifouling properties with demonstrated increases in the rate of filtration. In addition to faster filtration and decreased biofouling, Filtravate’s membrane technology can be customized to optimize membranes to meet specific filtration needs. Further, the pore size is highly controllable depending on the application needs. For example, in viral filtration, Filtravate’s pore size is controllable between 2-20 nanometers.

Market Opportunity: The global membrane market is projected to reach $11.95 Billion by 2021, with a CAGR of 10.3%.  The biomanufacturing/pharmaceutical membrane filtration market is valued at $5.1 billion (2019) with a CAGR of 11% and is projected to reach $8.6 billion by 2024. North America is the largest market for pharmaceutical membrane filtration, followed by Europe.


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