Nob Hill Therapeutics

Nob Hill Therapeutics

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Nob Hill Therapeutics, Inc. was founded 2017 to commercialize a first-in-kind dry powder nebulizer platform “DryNebTM” for respiratory inhalation drug delivery applications. The core proprietary technology of DryNebTM was invented at the University of New Mexico.

The Problem: Inhaled drug delivery enables targeted drug delivery directly to the infected pulmonary area and is characterized by its high bioavailability and fast action. The delivery method has been gaining importance as it greatly reduces the side effects/toxicity and improves therapy efficacy. However, current inhalation drug delivery devices (conventional nebulizer and dry powder inhaler) suffer from one or more of the following limitations: drug dilution, patient inhalation capability dependence, patient coordination needed, limitations for multi-drug delivery, specification to drug formulation, lack of ease of use, and more. There is an especially great need for an improved inhalation drug delivery product that is better able to treat insidious and oftentimes deadly lower respiratory infections.

The Solution: Our patented DryNebTM technology solves both conventional nebulizer’s and dry powder inhaler’s major drawbacks. It uses a novel, yet simple, magnetically responsive element which results in much improved dry powder aerosol generation in the respirable range (1-5 µm). Also, it disperses the powder independently from the patient’s inhalation force, ensuring reproducible delivery no matter the lung function of the patient, and it is designed to emit powder from the device only when a patient inhales, thus no coordination required. It overcomes the limitations of currently available devices and provides a new delivery platform for inhalation drug delivery. Nob Hill is initially focusing on the lower respiratory infection antibacterial and antifungal treatment market.

Market Opportunity: The respiratory inhalers market was valued at $26.8 billion in 2016, and is expected to reach $44.1 billion by 2025, expanding at a CAGR of 5.6 % from 2017 to 2025. In 2016, the dry powder inhaler market was $2.4 billion, and the nebulizer segment was at $737 million. The large and increasing market is driven by many factors: increasing needs for in-home-care, aging population, the number of respiratory diseases, and expanding need for pulmonary delivery of drugs that reduce systemic toxicity among other benefits. Nob Hill’s market entry strategy is to address the unmet needs in antifungal and antibacterial lung infection treatments.