Sevo Nutraceuticals was established to market science-based nutraceutical formulations. The company’s foundational product, Perceptiv®, is a patented nutraceutical formulation for improving cognitive health that was licensed from U. of Massachusetts Lowell. It is a result of fifteen years of university research and multiple independently conducted clinical trials that have shown that the formulation reduces cognitive impairment in Alzheimer’s patients and can also improve cognitive function in healthy adults. Perceptiv will compete with aggressively marketed products from much larger nutraceutical companies. FDA approval of evidence-based health claims will be key for the company’s success.

The Problem: According to the CDC, more than 16 million people in the United States are living with cognitive impairment. Cognitive impairment can have profound implications on quality of life for both the individual suffering the decline and for the family of the individual.  Cognitive impairment may be caused by Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias or by injuries and conditions such as traumatic brain injury and strokes.  Older adults are particularly at risk and may be unable to care for themselves or take on the necessary activities of daily living.

The Solution: Sevo’s Perceptiv is a nutraceutical blend that increases production of a key neurotransmitter – acetylcholine, which is responsible for the transfer of messages between synapses critical to thinking and memory.  Acetylcholine normally breaks down rapidly so the brain can quickly move on to new thoughts.  But if it breaks down too fast, the message isn’t transmitted.  During normal aging and even more rapidly in Alzheimer’s patients, acetylcholine production declines. Alzheimer’s drugs slow the breakdown. This helps for a time but eventually no longer works as the acetylcholine is broken down before it can “complete” the thought (or is not present in sufficient quantities).  Based on multiple clinical trials, Perceptiv’s unique formulation slows and may even reverse the decline in the production of acetylcholine, complementing the drugs used to treat cognitive decline and improving function of normal adults or pre-symptomatic Alzheimer’s patients.  Multiple independent university studies, including studies sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Association, have shown that Perceptiv reduces brain “age” by up to 15-20 years.

Market Opportunity: Nutraceuticals are a loosely defined category of products (along with dietary supplements and functional foods) targeted at improving health and providing medical or physiological benefit. They include body building supplements, diet aids, and pain reducers, among others. The total market for nutraceuticals/supplements in the US exceeds $30 billion, is growing at 4.4% a year, and is projected to reach $37.5 billion in 2017.  The two principal markets for the Sevo’s Perceptiv are healthy adults looking to improve memory and cognitive function and Alzheimer’s patients. Prescription drugs written for Alzheimer’s patients constitute a $2.8 billion annual revenue market while cognitive supplement sales are estimated at over $750 million annually in the U.S.

Sevo Nutraceuticals

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