SFC Fluidics is a medical device company whose drug delivery platform can dramatically improve therapy compliance in diabetes and other disease states. With $33M in prior funding, including grants from the National Institutes of Health and JDRF (formerly known as the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation), SFC has created a next-generation pump for subcutaneous drug delivery providing a technological leap in performance along with improved convenience and reduced cost. SFC seeks additional funding to complete FDA regulatory approval and launch into the diabetes market within twenty months, with substantial valuation increasing milestones and exit opportunities looming.

The Problem: Diabetes costs the US $327 billion each year, or 15% of our country’s healthcare dollars. This high cost is due in large part to medication non-adherence. More than 70% of patients with diabetes routinely misuse their prescribed medication due to product designs that are inconvenient to the patient. Further, current insulin pumps on the market do not possess the dosing precision or accuracy needed for the newer, higher concentrated insulins under development. These insulins target hard-to-manage pediatric patients with Type 1 diabetes and the larger patient base with Type 2 diabetes.

The Solution: SFC is applying its patented drug delivery technologies to the insulin therapy adherence problem. SFC offers convenience, discretion, and precision; therefore, allowing patients to lead active lifestyles without the burden of interference from their diabetes devices. The precision of SFC’s non-mechanical pump together with its drug delivery confirmation system will enable the safe delivery of higher concentration insulins and led to the FDA granting Breakthrough Device Designation status to the PANDA™ interoperable pump. This is particularly applicable to Type 2 diabetic patients – a large untapped market.

Market Opportunity: SFC is poised to disrupt the $9B insulin delivery industry with a substantially advanced insulin-dosing pump. Although current pumps provide markedly better clinical outcomes than manual insulin injections, pumps are used by less than 5% of diabetes patients. This is because current pumps are unwieldy, difficult to use, and expensive. SFC’s patch pump is easier to use, addresses errors and shortfalls found in existing products, facilitates user compliance, and results in better disease management.

SFC Fluidics

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