About VIN

The VIC Investor Network (VIN) features companies backed by the proven VIC Technology Venture Development innovation ecosystem. VIC’s portfolio companies are based on the most commercially promising technologies exclusively licensed from top research institutions around the world.

From breakthrough medical devices to lifesaving therapeutics, VIC companies develop commercially promising products and technologies that address important problems facing society and the world.

  • All companies presented to VIN members as investment opportunities have been thoroughly vetted by experienced investors.
  • The portfolio companies are developed within VIC’s cost-efficient, risk-mitigating innovation ecosystem.
  • VIC portfolio companies have consistently demonstrated rapid value growth.
  • In addition to being based on the best of the best new technologies sourced from the results of over $120 billion/year of federally sponsored research, every VIC company features outstanding executive management and technical teams.
VIN members have the opportunity to invest in VIC portfolio companies at all stages of development from company formation to product sales growth stages. Experienced investors will appreciate the highly attractive valuations, which can lead to much higher rates of return. Individuals new to life science investing will appreciate the low minimum investment that allows them to engage slowly and expand their involvement as they gain experience, as well as spread their investments across multiple companies.