Diversifying Investment Across Multiple Companies

VIC Investment Network enhances diversification, reducing risk and optimizing success through our investment process:

  • There is a $5,000 minimum investment op-on for automated investments and a $10,000 minimum investment per invested company for individually selected investments.
  • The automated investment option allows an investor to set their investment preferences by company stage of development and have their annual commitment auto-invested in increments as low as $5,000.
    For example, a $30,000 per year VIN member might choose:
    • Two early stage investments/year (~5-8 years to exit, ~7x-15x return target)
    • Three mid stage investments/year (~3-5 years to exit, ~3x-7x return target)
    • One later stage investment /year (~1-3 years to exit, ~2x-3x return target)
  • Investments are automatically placed in each new investment opportunity in the VIC ecosystem that meets investor criteria until all the investments are placed.
  • The low minimum investment per company offers the ability to reduce overall risk by having multiple opportunities for success. Thus, for the automated investment op-on, the investor may spread their $30k/year minimum total investment across six companies.