Secondary Market

The VIC Secondary Market is an online exchange for VIN members, VIC shareholders, and the VIC entity. The Secondary Market is scheduled to go online in 2020.

VIC will post regular valuation and outlook updates on all portfolio companies. These valuations are based on independent outside valuations from neutral parties or based on last outside investment share price.

VIN members may offer any part or all of their portfolio companies’ ownership for sale on the exchange. These typically will be offered at less than estimated actual value in order to incentivize buyers.

VIC itself may also participate in purchase of offered shares. However, the VIC entity will only do so after a listing has been posted for at least 15 business days in order to give VIN members and VIC shareholders first opportunity for any newly listed transaction.

There are minimal transaction costs since the shares are fully contained within VIC ecosystem and the LLC holding companies that were created for the VIN investments were specifically set up to facilitate the secondary market.