How to Invest

VIN Members have two options for placing their minimum $30k/annum investments: Option 1 is a semi-automated investment process whereby investments are placed based on pre-specified criteria. For Option 2, investments are selected individually by the given Member.

Option 1: Auto Invest

If a Member has chosen the Auto Invest option, their $30k investment commitment will be placed in $5k increments across six investments over the course of each year. An advantage of this Auto Invest option is that it allows the $30k/year minimum to be spread across a greater number of invested companies thereby providing excellent diversification.

Investments are placed according to Member preference. The default auto-investment profile is as follows:

  • Two early-stage investments/year
    (~5-8 years to exit, ~7x-15x return target)
  • Three mid-stage investments/year
    (~3-5 years to exit, ~3x-7x return target)
  • One later stage investment /year
    (~1-3 years to exit, ~2x-3x return target)

Investments are placed in the order that investment opportunities in companies arise that match the specified auto-investment criteria. For example, if five investments over the course of the year have already been placed, and the remaining investment is a mid-stage investment per the members specification, then the final investment will be placed in the next mid-stage investment opportunity that is brought forward in the network. Every investment opportunity offered in VIN is vetted by participating sophisticated investors and provides high upside relative to the risk at an attractive valuation. However, with the Auto Invest profile selection, the member may tailor their investments to reflect their specific desire to weight their investments toward earlier or later stage.

When an investment becomes available that matches the Member’s criteria, information on the company and the legal paperwork for the investment will be sent to the Member. The Member may optionally increase the investment amount in the given company above the $5k minimum.


Option 2: Individually Selected Investments

If a Member has chosen the Individually Selected Investment option, then over the course of each year they will need to select at least three investments at the $10k minimum per investment. New investment opportunities will be posted on the VIC Investor Network website and the Member may select any company they want to invest in. After they select an investment and amount they wish to invest (minimum $10k but optionally higher), the investment paperwork will be sent to them.