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Now Funding CardioWise

CardioWise offers a new approach to cardiac diagnostics – applying machine learning technology to image processing to create transparent, unbiased, clinical evaluation. View Details
Now Funding Nob Hill Therapeutics

Nob Hill Therapeutics, Inc. commercializes a first-in-kind dry powder nebulizer platform “DryNeb™” for respiratory inhalation drug delivery applications. View Details
Now Funding Tesseract Structural Innovations

Tesseract Structural Innovations is developing new solutions for vehicle safety through unique structures. View Details
Now Funding Vixiar Medical

Vixiar Medical develops non-invasive devices and systems for monitoring cardiopulmonary diseases, particularly those with significant clinical and economic burden. View Details
Now Funding Zebra Analytix

Zebra Analytix is focused on creating game-changing analytical solutions spanning diverse, high-impact applications where rapid detection is essential View Details