Commercially promising technology from universities and federal research laboratories is a treasure trove of investor opportunities. Yet many of these promising technologies end up stranded because they’re not sufficiently developed to attract investor attention.
At the same time, startups focusing on research and development have different needs when it comes to their executive team than they will have when they reach the commercialization phase.
VIC’s technology venture development business model is designed to harvest the best of these technologies in a way that optimizes the potential reward in light of the obvious risk involved in commercializing early-stage technologies.

The startup CEO

In the earliest stages of a startup’s development, recruitment of a permanent CEO may not be practical or affordable. VIC has a team of deeply experienced and highly successful executives who have taken products through the R&D stage and to market.
The VIC Managing Director of the branch office in which a new company is established will typically serve as interim CEO for the companies at that branch.
The VIC interim CEO works with other VIC management team members and industry specific experts to develop the strategic plan for the company and ensure that all the necessary resources are in place for product development.