Chantell Preston

Chantell Preston is a seasoned professional with 20+ years’ experience in healthcare operations and in the healthcare innovation ecosystem as an investor, advisor, and strategist. Chantell is distinguished by her ability to identify and develop sound business strategy. Throughout her career, she has helped organizations recognize their unique business advantage and position themselves as key players in the healthcare industry. 

Currently, as CEO of Facilities Management Group (FMG), Chantell oversees the operations of multimillion-dollar healthcare facilities throughout Texas. In her time as CEO, Chantell has overseen organic growth and diversification of services while navigating numerous regulatory and reimbursement challenges. Under her direction, she has delivered business record revenues over a four-year period through focused new business and cost savings efforts. 

Chantell has built and successfully exited several companies. Previously, as co-founder and Chief Development Officer of Mentis Neuro Health, Chantell drove the acquisition of market share from Mentis Neuro Health’s competitor, attracting a group of Private Equity investors while bolstering EBITDA.  

As a member of several private and not-for-profit Boards of Directors, Chantell has made significant contributions that include developing long-term strategies, building management teams, evaluating financing alternatives, assessing merger & acquisition opportunities, and shepherding successful exits.