Michael Artinger

Executive VP and Managing Director - Colorado Branch

Michael Artinger, PhD, Executive Vice President and Managing Director VIC Colorado Branch, spent his career transforming innovation into commercial opportunity. He works closely with universities and inventors across the nation to recognize the potential of their discoveries and has deep domain expertise across multiple verticals, including therapeutics, vaccines, medical devices, diagnostics and information technology/software.

Dr. Artinger has held leadership positions in companies in which he helped raise in excess of $45M in growth capital and achieve exit event proceeds for investors and other shareholders in excess of $350m. Dr. Artinger is also the holder of several patents and has numerous peer reviewed publications in the life sciences area. He has held appointments as Visiting Scientist in Medicine at both Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and conducted his Postdoctoral research at the Cardiovascular Research Center at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Artinger earned his Doctorate degree in Biology focusing on Developmental and Cell Biology, as well as his Baccalaureate degree in Applied Ecology from the University of California at Irvine.