Secondary Market

The VIC Investor Network Secondary Market provides a means for VIN Standard Members to offer their shares from VIN investments they have made for sale to other VIN members. Any VIN Standard Member may offer any portion or all of their investments for sale on the VIN Secondary Market. The VIN member sets the sale price. Other VIN members may then either select to purchase the offered shares or may make a counter-offer via the website. Counter-offers may be for only a portion of the offered shares. Offerings are allowed to stay open for up to 180 days. After that, they must be re-posted to appear on the market.

VIN places all individual member investments into separate holding companies for each new investment round in each VIC portfolio company. The holding companies are setup to facilitate the exchange of shares from one VIN member to another. Thus, the exchange of shares from a VIN Secondary Market transaction occurs solely within the VIN holding company and not within the given VIC portfolio company. This greatly simplifies the overall process.


  • Any VIN Standard Member can offer their VIN Standard Member purchased shares for sale
  • They set the sale price and what percentage of their units they want to sell
  • The company information link, sale price, and VIC’s most recent share value estimate are displayed as well as an optional Make an Offer button (depending on whether it’s a fixed or negotiable offer)
  • Under Make an Offer, a partial number of shares may be proposed to be purchased
  • They can stay posted up to 180 days
  • $250 transaction fee paid to VIC by seller if shares are sold to cover transaction paperwork labor expenses


  • VIN Standard Members may select transactions they are interested in and make any offer for any portion of shares

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