VIC 2020 Mid-Year Update

So far, in 2020, VIC’s portfolio of companies reached numerous milestones and potential business partners are increasingly finding ways to re-engage in spite of the ongoing pandemic. The VIC Foundry has expanded considerably and the VIC Fellows program launched. > Read More    

Vixiar: Solving a Big Problem With a Small Device

Last month at Vixiar Medical, we reached a major milestone on the road to commercial launch of our Indicor™ device with the submission of our 510(k) to the FDA. We hope to have clearance to market our product in the fall, after which we will begin our first phase of commercial activity. > Read more […]

Portfolio Diversification in Times of Market Volatility

As of writing this article, it’s mid-July 2020, and the uncertainty around the long-term impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to grow. As with any new virus, its behavior is unpredictable, and this is even more the case given its genetic material is RNA, which is highly prone to evolving and adapting through mutation. > Read more […]

VIC Fellow Spotlight: Dr. Natalie Gassman

The VIC Fellows Program was created in late 2019 as a mechanism for individuals with specific expertise to learn about and be involved in identifying and evaluating promising life science innovations from universities..> Read more