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The VIC Investor Network (VIN) invests in companies with exceptional intellectual property foundations in healthcare and emerging technology areas

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Angel investing with confidence

VIN addresses the primary challenges of angel investing in science and technology-driven innovation

Issues of Angel Investing

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Co-investment on same terms with larger investors and built-in investment safeguards

Investor Protections

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Investments may be made as low as $5k per invested company allowing more investments and portfolio diversification


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Secondary market for VIN shares gives members opportunity for liquidity prior to portfolio exits


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VIC’s Innovation Ecosystem

Technology Venture Development

Turnkey support through all stages of portfolio companies’ development.

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VIC Foundry

Incubate high-potential ideas for future VIC portfolio companies.

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VIC Investor Network

Equity funding for proof-of-concept through commercial product roll-out.

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VIC Venture Fund

Series A/B funding to reach major value-enhancing milestones

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Our Portfolio Companies

Companies built from the ground up based on high impact technologies exclusively licensed from top research institutions around the world. View All Companies

Now Funding Nob Hill Therapeutics

Nob Hill Therapeutics, Inc. commercializes a first-in-kind dry powder nebulizer platform “DryNeb™” for respiratory inhalation drug delivery applications. View Details
Now Funding SFC Fluidics

SFC Fluidics is a medical device company whose drug delivery platform can dramatically improve therapy compliance in diabetes. View Details
Now Funding Tesseract Structural Innovations

Tesseract Structural Innovations is developing new solutions for vehicle safety through unique structures. View Details
Now Funding Zebra Analytix

Zebra Analytix is focused on creating game-changing analytical solutions spanning diverse, high-impact applications where rapid detection is essential View Details
Akeso Biomedical

Akeso Biomedical is an animal performance and food safety company developing new solutions to improve gut health and treat bacterial infections using a broad-spectrum chemistry. View Details
Ascendant Dx

ACQUIRED | Ascendant Dx is a bioscience company whose mission is to commercialize disruptive diagnostic technologies aiding identification and treatment for diseases of women and children.

View Details
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